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Professional Carpet Systems - (801)386-7591 - Reviews
As the worlds biggest flooring specialty service company, Professional Carpet Systems can provide Salt Lake City with all your carpet cleaning needs. Professional Carpet Systems is a leader and trailblazer in specialty stain removal and water damage restoration.

Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Systems uses the method approved by the world's largest carpet mills, including Shaw, Mohawk, World, Aladdin, Beauleu, and many others. This method is safe, effective and dries quickly. Professional Carpet Systems also recognizes that when they are in your home that they are working guests and their courteous Cleaning Specialists will treat it with the utmost respect and consideration.

Guaranteed Odor Removal
Everyone loves their pets but occasionally they have accidents. When these problems are not taken care of quickly, you can end up with some foul odors that are very difficult to remove. It is these times when you need an odor removal expert. Professional Carpet Systems has the know-how and professional products to remove complex odor problems at their source. Assuming there is no continuing contamination from a source (Pet or other source) Professionl Carpet Systems can guarantee permanent removal. This may require several steps to achieve but it is usually worth the money, given the alternative of complete carpet replacement. By the way, if the subfloor is not properly treated even complete replacement may not remove the odors. The next time you need help with pet odors call a Professional... Professional Carpet Systems.

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