Pet Odor Removal
Pet Odor Removal Services

Salt Lake Carpet Cleaners offers a variety of pet odor removal services. The service that we recommend for your home depends upon the severity of the situation. Prior to recommending a treatment option, a technician will perform a thorough inspection with a UV lantern. The treatment options can be divided as follows:

1. Light: An odor-neutralizing solution is applied to the carpet during the pre-treatment stage of cleaning. This treatment is the most affordable and works well to eliminate odors caused by simply having a pet living in your home. This treatment does not generally work well for urine odors.
2. Moderate: An odor-eating solution is applied directly to the urine spot, saturating both carpet and pad. The solution is then extracted using the "Water Claw". Although this treatment works for most pet odor situations, it is not guaranteed. Pet urine may cause permanent damage and require carpet and/or pad replacement.
3. Severe: The carpet cleaned and deodorized on the front fibers and the backing. The sub-floor is cleaned and sealed with a shellac sealer. The Carpet pad and possibly the tack strip are removed and replaced. This treatment is used in the most severe cases and is guaranteed to remove pet odor. If your carpet has reached this point, it is alternatively recommended to relace the carpeting.
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