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Coit Drapery & carpet Cleaning Overview

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Coit Drapery & Carpet Cleaning - (801)224-1143 - Reviews
Coit, formerly, Frank Martin Company, has been cleaning carpet in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas since 1912. The method Coit uses is hot water extraction, commonly called steam cleaning. Coit uses Bridgepiont products and mixes them exactly as suggested so when they leave, your carpet is as clean as it will come. You will also notice that your carpet will stay cleaner longer. It is recomended that you have your carpets cleaned every 10-12 months. Coit also offers Dry Cleaning, or Encapsulation for those "in between" times for carpet maintenance. Ask your technician about the maintenance programs that Coit offers.

Upholstery Cleaning: Coit can clean all types of upholstrey. Coit uses one of two methods, wet or dry clean. Coit does a special test on the individual pieces before beginning so that they are using the best method for your furniture. Coit's goal is to leave it like it was when it was new. Coit can also clean smooth leather furniture. It is recomended that you have your upholstery cleaned every 12-18 months.

Drapery Cleaning: Coit has been cleaning draperies and window treatments for the past 55 years. Coit is one of the only dry cleaners that do only draperies in the Salt Lake City area. Coit has thousands of happy customers. You will not find another drapery cleaner that will compare in quality with Coit. It is recomended that you have your drapes cleaned every 12-18 months.

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning: Coit cleans oriental and area carpets in a specially designed room in the Coit plant. The technician that cleans them has done so for 30 years. The rugs and fringe look almost new when he is fininshed with them. Coit is able to clean all types of area rugs sucessfully. Your collectable and Persian rugs are in good hands at Coit.

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